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Strategic Housing and Neighborhoods Plan

Quality housing and beautiful, healthy neighborhoods is South Salt Lake City's highest priority. In the past year, the City embarked on several initiatives to improve housing anf neighborhoods, including implementing a Community Connection program that made a substantial impact on the neighborhoods surrouding Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

To build on these successes and to make South Salt Lake City a regional leader in quality housing, we are developing a Strategic Housing and Neighborhoods Plan. The Housing Plan will be a collaborative effort involving community leaders, educators, realtors, lenders, developers, analysts, and policy experts. Our goal is to create a plan that is flexible, easy-to-understand, feasible, and responsive to changing market conditions.


  • Establish a task force of key stakeholders to collaborate on a needs assessment and action plan for housing.
  • Establish a framework for further collaboration or future housing and community-building efforts, including Community Connection and the Promise Partnerships.
  • Identify South Salt Lake City’s role in the metropolitan housing market.
  • Establish goals for the major remaining housing opportunities in the City: Central Pointe, TODs along the Light Rail and Streetcar Corridors.
  • Identify funding resources and opportunities to support the City’s Strategic Housing and Neighborhoods Plan.
  • Build durable relationships between the City, investors, lenders, brokers, community leaders, and community institutions to aid in the coordination of housing policies in the future.


Background Information

Utah Economic and Business Review - Census 2010 - A First Look at Utah Results (pdf)

Hendricks and Partners - Utah Apartment News - 3rd Quarter Market Trends (pdf)

Presentation by Chris Nelson, PhD - What Americans Want

American Planning Association Brief - Multigenerational Planning (pdf)

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